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Plural Kids

The community for real kids in plural systems

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plural_kids is a community created by kids in plural systems for kids in plural systems 'moderated' by kids in a plural system with nothing to do with older people. We are affiliated with plural_living but I, nitro9, helped to create that community, this is not some adult thinking that we need to be segregated off or any attempt to stop us from posting on plural_living that community is for anyone in a plural system, this one is just for the kids.

If you think you're REAL and your own person and you happen to be a kid in a plural system then THIS is the community for you. It doesn't matter if the adults with you aren't on plural_living or if THEY believe that you are a disorder or not real or a 'part' or an alter or any of that crap yadda yadda yadda, if YOU believe that you are real and you want to talk to other kids in plural systems who feel the same way then join this community and START WRITING!


Kids only. You can get someone else to help you to type if you feel you need it, but get another kid. I'm 13 so I'm drawing the line there :P

If you're an adult and you want to come in and ask if you can play with us so an entire audience of kids can stroke your ego together then go make you own community OK? KIDS ONLY. Yes I have seen this happen more than once before.

Discuss anything you like. Ask questions about stuff, tell us what you've been doing, treat this like a social group, I don't mind... just make sure you're a kid in a plural system before you post or comment (this seems to be a easy mistake to make for some reason!)

Don't use words like MPD, DID and alter or talk about yourself like you're a disorder. Telling people that they shouldn't say that is a boring arguement so I'm just going to outlaw it because I made this community and I can do that :P

If you think it's patronising to have a separate community for kids then don't post here, use plural_living, NO ONE's STOPPING YOU!

Don't post huge images without an lj-cut tag and if you don't know how to do lj-cut tags then don't post the image or ask someone how or look in the FAQ, it's not that hard.

Spell how you like. No conversations about spelling and if kids in systems do it to show they are kids or because of peer pressure or because the adults make them do it. OR if you have to do it that way try to respect the people on the community who do spell that way. For all you know they're dyslexic or something so have a bit of thought. If you spell your own way then spell that way, if you spell as good as anyone else then spell like that. NO SPELLING PEER PRESSURE HERE!

KIDS ONLY! Just a reminder.

If you don't like something then don't read it and why not post something yourself to start a discussion about things that you like to talk about? This community has space for ALL types of kids -- bookish kids, kids that play games, kids who can do anything that adults can (and better! ;) kids who just want to be kids, kids with hobbies, boys, girls, others. Just post OK, you might be surprised who was lurking waiting for someone just like you to write!


Don't join if you aren't plural and a kid. It doesn't matter if people who aren't kids share your journal with you, just don't let them post, 'k?

Oh and only members can post or comment (so you really want to JOIN!)